Media Kit


New Babel is a San Francisco based technology company that has created a cloud based platform called Pearl. Pearl sits at the center of technology stacks and optimizes how servers, on-prem and cloud, communicate data to each other. Imagine trying to live without a place to hold your driver’s license, bank card, or other important IDs. Pearl will help businesses thrive by reducing the time it spends on linking data and increasing its time spent on improving their customer experience.

Team Bios

Name: Kris White
Company role: CEO
Background: 15 years of experience in digital cloud architecture
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Kyle Laskowski
Company role: Customer Success Manager
Background: Real Estate Development
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Maria Redempta
Company role: Social Media Manager
Background: Architecture Undergraduate shifted into a Digital Marketer. Experience in design, content creation, and digital marketing.

Product Screenshots

Interested in how our product, Pearl, works? We’ve provided some visuals of how it will be integrated into your enterprise’s technology stack. Pearl can be implemented in any system, no matter the volume of data or size of company.

Our People

We have an amazing team of superheroes at New Babel, each with their own set of valuable skills. Take a look at these high-resolution head shots for you to place a face to the name. These are for potential articles, speaking opps, or general inspiration.


Here you will find a collection of New Babel logos for both your company and ours alike. It is important to note that our company name is written as “NEWBABEL” in our logos and “New Babel” when mentioned in the media.

Video & Audio Files

Pearl Release Video (1 minute): View on YouTube

Contact Information

For more information, please feel free to contact [email protected].

Media Manager:

Kyle Laskowski
[email protected]
(201) 245-6272


New Babel
18 Bartol Street #984
San Francisco, CA, 94133
(800) 820-8210 (Toll Free)