June 2022 Newsletter

Jul 15, 2022

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From tech conferences to onboarding new employees, NEWBABEL had one of its busiest months yet. Learn more below about what our team got up to in June 2022.


JULY 15, 2022


Welcome to the official NEWBABEL newsletter! Founded in February of 2022, NEWBABEL is a San Francisco based company that has found a tool for global enterprises to link their data six times faster than the systems used now. Imagine trying to live without a place to hold your driver’s license, bank card, or other important IDs. Pearl helps enterprises centralize their ID mappings to unlock a whole new world of customer experiences.



At our company, we believe that every member has their own unique superpower that contributes to our main mission: helping global corporations stay on top of their data. As a startup that’s only a few months old, we are excited to say that we are moving at quite a rapid pace. Let’s dive right in…




From February to June, our team worked to prepare for the well renowned Toronto based tech conference, Collision. What an amazing experience it was to be part of a community of people devoted to positively advancing the tech world.

We booked a suite in Hotel X across the street so we could network with investors and future prospects. In the afternoon, there were some exciting visitors who joined us for a glass of champagne and valuable conversation. New Babel keeps it classy!

We were privileged to have a booth on the main floor, where we could promote New Babel’s new cloud platform, Pearl. A big thank you goes out to our sales team for their amazing relationship building. To celebrate our successes, we ended the day with a team dinner at Adega, a Portuguese restaurant in downtown Toronto.

Collision not only granted New Babel with potential business prospects but also created an excitement amongst our team for the future of our company.



This month, NEWBABEL gained a couple new superheroes, taking us from 7 employees to 9. Alongside the founder, Kris White and his sidekick, Kyle, Maria Redempta and Evy Clark joined the squad to make up the marketing team. Together, these two worked hard before the conference to launch NEWBABEL on social media.

Now that NEWBABEL is open for business, Evy and Maria spend their time creating social media content, creating brand kits and brainstorming new, creative ways to introduce Pearl to the world. Welcome aboard ladies and we can’t wait to see how you market our brand!



  • In combination with our success at the conference, our sales team was able to generate some exciting new leads. We had members of huge enterprises such as Intuit, Pinterest and RBC visit us in the Hotel X suite to learn more about NEWBABEL, but more importantly how Pearl can help their business.
  • From a marketing standpoint, we released our first ever press release. We are happy to say it was well regarded by multiple well-renowned news sources. Along with our social media platforms, (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter) we also officially launched our NEWBABEL website. After months of development, it is finally up and running complete with aesthetic landing pages designed by our graphic design hero, Maria. Go check it out
  • Within our tight-knit, remote community, we are developing an established business in which communication and collaboration are front and center. As a data-driven company, we have started biweekly metrics meetings and are looking forward to expanding our team very soon!



Name: Amir Maknoon
Company role: Executive Sales Manager
education: MSc Business IT (from Middlesex University of London)
work: Banking & Financial Sector
Hobbies and interests: playing tennis on clay courts & collecting jazz vinyl records
● Natural Relationship Builder,
● One on one conversationalist
Best part of working at New Babel:
“Belonging, in a sense, that allows me to feel like I can be myself and do things my way, which has a major impact on my performance and retention.”

There you have it, Babblers. The month of June was certainly a whirlwind, but we combatted it with ease. Just like a magician never reveals their tricks, a superhero never reveals their powers outright. However, our success surely has something to do with how cohesive we work alongside one another.



New Babel

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(800) 868-9031
18 Bartol Street #984, San Francisco, CA, 94133

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