July 2022 Newsletter

Aug 10, 2022

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What Did New Babel Do in July?

Between designing comics and creating a playbook for future customers, New Babel sure did make waves this month. Learn more below about what our team got up to in July 2022.



Welcome to the official New Babel newsletter! Founded in February of 2022, New Babel is a San Francisco based company that has found a tool for global enterprises to link their data six times faster than the systems used now. Imagine trying to live without a place to hold your driver’s license, bank card, or other important IDs. Pearl helps enterprises centralize their ID mappings to unlock a whole new world of customer experiences.

At our company, we believe that every member has their own unique superpower that contributes to our main mission: helping global corporations stay on top of their data. As a startup that’s only a few months old, we are excited to say that we are moving at quite a rapid pace. Let’s dive right in…







Our most important mission this month was to create a playbook for our potential clients and investors. The purpose of this playbook is to deliver a complete explanation of how Pearl will be implemented into a company’s technology stack. This took up much of our time as our team is extremely detail-oriented. In fact, this task was so huge that we needed help across each sector of the company. From the development team to the marketing team, each skill set was necessary in completing the final product and it turned out great!



After lots of prep, this month we were finally able to introduce our newest marketing tactic, a comic series that tells the story of how Pearl was invented! Our social media marketing managers, Maria and Evy, put their heads together to find a way for the public to understand exactly how Pearl will help businesses organize their data.

So far, Episode 1 has been a hit across our social media platforms! This three part series is posted once a week on our Instagram and Facebook page. Stay tuned for more series like this one and visit our Linkedin for the full comic!




This month we received an opportunity to interview with a U.S. based television station! As far as details go, we will be able to give further updates once it has officially aired. Look out for next month’s newsletter for this one.

It’s official, our team will be attending yet another tech conference, but this time in the #1 tech hub of the world, Silicon Valley! This one is Techcrunch’s Disrupt, and it is taking place in October 2022. We are excited as we anticipate that this conference will bring us even more success than the first did. Look out San Francisco, here comes your newest group of tech superheroes!

We have started using some new, exciting tools and softwares to make our business processes as smooth as possible. Cision has been a very useful tool in helping us discover new media connections and Sproutsocial media has taken our social media efforts to the next level. How lucky we are to have all of these awesome resources at our fingertips!

Our team is rapidly expanding! We are currently working on hiring some new talent, but this time in the financial sector. Although the interview process may be long, we are loving the opportunity to meet new superheroes that could potentially help bring New Babel to its fullest potential.




Name: Kyle Laskowski
Company role: Customer Success Manager
Real Estate Development & Bartending
Hobbies and interests: Fishing & fish-keeping, playing guitar, cooking & photography
On-the-spot learning
Building meaningful relationships
Best part of working at New Babel:
Seeing all of our combined efforts turn into an organization that runs like a well oiled machine, with laughs from start to finish. I look forward to my meetings.




That’s all Babblers. The month of July was just as full of fun updates as June was. We have lots more in store for NEWBABEL, so look out for next month’s newsletter to see what we are up to. Visit our website to book a demo today or check out our social media to learn more about New Babel. Until next time…


New Babel

New Babel, Inc
[email protected]
(800) 868-9031
18 Bartol Street #984, San Francisco, CA, 94133

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