An Ode to Nikola Tesla; Solving the Big Data Debacle

Aug 9, 2022

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Why companies in 2022 have to adapt quickly to manage their data generated within the realm of web 3.0

Nikola Tesla predicted that humans will one day have access to large swaths of data via an instrument that can be carried in our vest pockets. Sounds familiar, no?

The history of big data is pretty interesting when you break it down. Before the age of the internet, people stored #data in books. Most of this data was surrounding plagues and illnesses. Later on, tabulating devices were created to store and analyze information. Tape recorders came next, making this version of data storage the most technological of them all until computers became accessible to households everywhere.

In 1969, the first internet was created and they called it the ARPANET. Once Nikola’s dream became a reality, more efficient forms of data storage became an intense need in the tech world. Databases became easier to use each year so that businesses could easily implement them into their systems.

Technology companies and public figures started investing time and money into how to manage data in the most efficient way possible. Cloud Computing became all the rage once people were able to utilize this tool on their own devices. Now, because of the connectivity of devices and the internet of things, businesses have to constantly find the most updated form of data organization out there.

In the 21st century, big data tends to progressively sneak up on us and it impacts, well, everyone. To be fair, Tesla predicted this would happen. Don’t you think it’s now our job to show him we can take on this data-based responsibility?

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